Websites I’m Addicted to

Woman addicted to a website

Lately I have developed sick addictions to certain websites. I check them first thing when I wake up, when my eyes are still stuck together with sleep and I scour them for hours in the middle of the night before I finally tear myself away and make myself go to sleep. So for the sake […] Read more »

The Cure for Rude Customers

Rude Customer

Like many people, I spent several years of my early adulthood working in the service industry before stumbling into a respectable career. “Service industry” is of course a nice way of saying “the deepest pit of hell where even the Devil himself feels sorry for you”. Whether it is waiting tables, flipping burgers, or navigating the next likely Darwin Awards […] Read more »

Epic Wish List – Volume 2

Epic Gift - Tron Motorcycle

I recently discovered some more incredible things to add to my Epic Wish List. Make sure to take notes Santa, as I will be expecting all of these things for Christmas this year. This volume’s theme is Transportation. The Water Jet Pack While not useful for daily transportation (unless you live on a lake), the […] Read more »

Epic Wish List

Martin Jetpack

In a sensible world with all of your sensible expenses and bills there is often little room for the things you REALLY want. Sometimes you can get by with pining over magazines or websites, imagining what it would be like to have some of the miraculous things you see all around you. But, it just […] Read more »

Dragons Discovered in Indonesia

New Born Baby Dragon

Agni (Sanskrit name meaning “fire”) is the newest hatchling of a recently discovered species in Indonesia. He was given the name by members of the initial research team because of his red wing coloring. While local Zoologists (scientists who study and classify animals) are hesitant to use the name “Dragon”, there is an unmistakable resemblance between this new species […] Read more »

My Favorite Chuck Norris Facts

Chuck Norris

  Chuck Norris Facts Fact #1: When Chuck Norris gets in the pool he doesn’t get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris. Fact #2: If you find yourself in the unique position of disagreeing with Chuck Norris, it’s because YOU’RE WRONG! Fact #3: Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear rug in his room. The bear isn’t […] Read more »

The Reign of Our Feline Overlords is at an End

Feline Oppressor

    Kings and Queens of their domestic domains, they rule over all they survey from atop their bookshelves, refrigerators or carpeted climbing trees. For ages cats have dominated their inferior human slaves with a cunning and thorough knowledge of exactly how to manipulate us. But, no longer. By understanding the nature of these clever creatures we may […] Read more »

Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts … EVER

Get ready for the absolute worst Valentine’s Day gifts ever conceived by man. Any one of these is a guarantee that your Facebook status will change to “single” by February 15th. Combined, it is possible they could start World War III. Think you can top these? Feel free to put them in the comments. #1: Chocolate Covered Bathroom […] Read more »