The Price of Defense Spending

Decreasing “defense” spending is a completely viable method of funding all of the social betterment programs that politicians are looking to fund. Why is raising taxes the only solution ever proposed? While our country continues to dig itself into deeper and deeper debt, we continue to be the leader in military spending. More budget than […] Read more »

Vaccines Are Terrible and Everyone Must Have Them

I felt the need to alienate more people today, so here is my opinion on vaccines: TL;DR: Not all vaccines/people are the same. Down with government. Get educated. Decide for yourself. I am neither Pro-vaxx nor anti-vaxx. These are false dichotomies created by mass media to polarize us and distract us from what is really […] Read more »

All Zombie Shows Have This One Flaw

The Fatal Flaw of Zombies From The Walking Dead to Dawn of the Dead, from 28 Days Later to Dead Rising, anything that contains zombies has this logical fallacy: A zombie apocalypse is factually impossible. Given the behavior you normally see in books and movies, even with fast zombies, the zombie method of spreading infection (bites or […] Read more »

Google Trends: Don’t Go There if You Want to Like People

Google Trends, on the surface, seems like a brilliant idea. Let’s add up all the internet searches across the planet and show what’s being searched for the most. For businesses this could be useful to keep up with marketing trends. Sociologists and other researchers can use this data to glean key insights into the human condition. […] Read more »

Internet Explorer is Dead and All Are Rejoicing

Internet Explorer, undeniably the worst blight to ever grace the pages of Internet history is finally being put out of it’s misery. Microsoft announced it’s decision not to feature the buggy, bloated and oft incompatible software in the new release of Windows 10. It will still be hanging around for legacy browser software support, but the […] Read more »

What Does it Take to Be One of The First Colonists on Mars?

Apparently, an emotionally scarred childhood: Made by Stateless Media. With launch scheduled nearly a decade away, the first Mars Colonization project is in progress on choosing the prime candidates for the mission. And what question is on everyone’s mind? “What about sex?”, of course. Yes, colonists will be discouraged from having sex due to the […] Read more »

The Way I Drive

Driving fast

The Way I Drive Author Unknown —— I drive fast. Not because I’m in a rush and not because I’m late. Because I want to. I talk fast. I live fast. I drive fast. Because I have a death wish? No. I’m the safest driver on the road. Why? Every moment I’m aware of everything […] Read more »

Why Macs Are Inferior

Old Mac - Inferior to PC

  In the wake of the recent fire fight between Apple and Samsung and the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, the debate between Mac and PC users on whose devices are better has never been hotter. In an effort to enflame the conflict further, here are the definitive reasons why Macs truly are the inferior […] Read more »

The Cure for Rude Customers

Rude Customer

Like many people, I spent several years of my early adulthood working in the service industry before stumbling into a respectable career. “Service industry” is of course a nice way of saying “the deepest pit of hell where even the Devil himself feels sorry for you”. Whether it is waiting tables, flipping burgers, or navigating the next likely Darwin Awards […] Read more »