All Zombie Shows Have This One Flaw

The Fatal Flaw of Zombies From The Walking Dead to Dawn of the Dead, from 28 Days Later to Dead Rising, anything that contains zombies has this logical fallacy: A zombie apocalypse is factually impossible. Given the behavior you normally see in books and movies, even with fast zombies, the zombie method of spreading infection (bites or […] Read more »

Arnold Schwarzenegger Performs All of His Movies in 6 Minutes

Ok, not every single movie, but all of the ones that really matter. Prepare to have all of your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger scenes utterly destroyed in “so bad it’s amazing” B movie effects style. Yes, they did that scene from True Lies. This feature aired on the Late Late Show with James Corden, check it […] Read more »

Bacon. The Ultimate Food.

Delicious Bacon

Bacon. The Ultimate Food.  Where Does Bacon Come From? The most commonly believed myth about bacon is that it comes from carefully selected and cured cuts of pig meat. The amount of written material that has been produced to uphold this myth could fill the Library of Congress. Not to slight our porky friends, but […] Read more »

5 Reasons A Computer Programmer Should Be President

Computer Programmer for President

With all this talk of “Who should we vote for?” in the upcoming presidential election there are many strategies being proposed. “Vote for the lesser of two evils,” seems to be the most popular. However, I have an entirely different solution. Let’s ditch the whole lot and put Computer Programmers in charge. Why? 1. Computer Programmers […] Read more »

My Favorite Chuck Norris Facts

Chuck Norris

  Chuck Norris Facts Fact #1: When Chuck Norris gets in the pool he doesn’t get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris. Fact #2: If you find yourself in the unique position of disagreeing with Chuck Norris, it’s because YOU’RE WRONG! Fact #3: Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear rug in his room. The bear isn’t […] Read more »

The Reign of Our Feline Overlords is at an End

Feline Oppressor

    Kings and Queens of their domestic domains, they rule over all they survey from atop their bookshelves, refrigerators or carpeted climbing trees. For ages cats have dominated their inferior human slaves with a cunning and thorough knowledge of exactly how to manipulate us. But, no longer. By understanding the nature of these clever creatures we may […] Read more »

Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts … EVER

Get ready for the absolute worst Valentine’s Day gifts ever conceived by man. Any one of these is a guarantee that your Facebook status will change to “single” by February 15th. Combined, it is possible they could start World War III. Think you can top these? Feel free to put them in the comments. #1: Chocolate Covered Bathroom […] Read more »