The Way I Drive

Driving fast

The Way I Drive Author Unknown —— I drive fast. Not because I’m in a rush and not because I’m late. Because I want to. I talk fast. I live fast. I drive fast. Because I have a death wish? No. I’m the safest driver on the road. Why? Every moment I’m aware of everything […] Read more »

Bacon. The Ultimate Food.

Delicious Bacon

Bacon. The Ultimate Food.  Where Does Bacon Come From? The most commonly believed myth about bacon is that it comes from carefully selected and cured cuts of pig meat. The amount of written material that has been produced to uphold this myth could fill the Library of Congress. Not to slight our porky friends, but […] Read more »

5 Reasons A Computer Programmer Should Be President

Computer Programmer for President

With all this talk of “Who should we vote for?” in the upcoming presidential election there are many strategies being proposed. “Vote for the lesser of two evils,” seems to be the most popular. However, I have an entirely different solution. Let’s ditch the whole lot and put Computer Programmers in charge. Why? 1. Computer Programmers […] Read more »

Why Macs Are Inferior

Old Mac - Inferior to PC

  In the wake of the recent fire fight between Apple and Samsung and the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, the debate between Mac and PC users on whose devices are better has never been hotter. In an effort to enflame the conflict further, here are the definitive reasons why Macs truly are the inferior […] Read more »

The Cure for Rude Customers

Rude Customer

Like many people, I spent several years of my early adulthood working in the service industry before stumbling into a respectable career. “Service industry” is of course a nice way of saying “the deepest pit of hell where even the Devil himself feels sorry for you”. Whether it is waiting tables, flipping burgers, or navigating the next likely Darwin Awards […] Read more »

Epic Wish List – Volume 2

Epic Gift - Tron Motorcycle

I recently discovered some more incredible things to add to my Epic Wish List. Make sure to take notes Santa, as I will be expecting all of these things for Christmas this year. This volume’s theme is Transportation. The Water Jet Pack While not useful for daily transportation (unless you live on a lake), the […] Read more »

Epic Wish List

Martin Jetpack

In a sensible world with all of your sensible expenses and bills there is often little room for the things you REALLY want. Sometimes you can get by with pining over magazines or websites, imagining what it would be like to have some of the miraculous things you see all around you. But, it just […] Read more »