Final Fantasy 7 Remake Finally Happening


After 15 years of long, cold, hopeless waiting our remake is finally here!

Square Enix just announced, via the following video, that a Final Fantasy VII remake is finally going to happen.

The details are sparse, but brace yourselves, winter is coming. While this is only a trailer, if the remade world of Final Fantasy VII looks anything like this, I’ll be in 7th Heaven. I foresee images not unlike the Reunion, with lines around the block in front of every game store on the planet.

Some important questions to pose are:

1. Square always maintained that they considered Final Fantasy 7 an unfinished game. Will they be ‘completing’ it in this remake, or will it be just a graphics upgrade?

2. Will the game mechanics remain the same, or will we see a whole new game?

3. Will there be DLC?

Being on my umpteen-millionth replay of Final Fantasy 7 currently; this video, I will honestly admit, almost brought me to tears. It’s something that nearly every Final Fantasy fan has been wanting more of for a long time. More of Cloud’s anti-hero banter. Barret’s macho tough-guy attitude. Tifa’s feisty pluckyness. Cid’s no-nonsense bad assness. Yuffie’s air-sickness. Red XIII’s calm wisdom. Vincent’s aloof detachment. Cait Sith’s sneaky tricksteryness. Sephiroth’s megalomaniacal ambition. And finally, Aeris’ empathy and grace.

What I’m most looking forward to soaring the skies in the new Highwind. Can’t wait to see what it will look like.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in this remake? Post a comment below.

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