Internet Explorer is Dead and All Are Rejoicing

ieerrorInternet Explorer, undeniably the worst blight to ever grace the pages of Internet history is finally being put out of it’s misery.

Microsoft announced it’s decision not to feature the buggy, bloated and oft incompatible software in the new release of Windows 10. It will still be hanging around for legacy browser software support, but the push is towards something new.

While remnants of the software will still remain on your Grandmothers 10 year old Dell, and probably your office computer for several years to come (until your IT officer finally convinces the boss to upgrade), Internet Explorer as a piece of software will eventually be phased out and relegated to the great Internet Archives of bad ideas.

For those of us who switched to Chrome, Firefox or Opera ages ago, this change means almost nothing, except for possibly a new round of IE memes, and fewer requests from our relatives to fix their Internet, but for the rest of the computer nearly-illiterate world, a new browser may emerge. Code named “Spartan”, the new Microsoft browser is being built from the ground up to shamelessly copy Google Chrome.

More information can be found here:

Internet Explorer was once the go-to browser. Years of neglect and then too-little-too-late catch up with other competing browsers have spelled the end for Internet Explorer.

So, what browser will we make fun of now?

How about Facebook’s new mobile browser? Blech!

Facebook Browser

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