New Dragon Species Discovered in Madagascar

Baby DragonA new species of dragon has recently been discovered in Madagascar. Draco Sanguis, named for the blood red coloring on the belly and webbing of their wings, this new species has just emerged in the wilds of Madagascar.

It’s relationship to the dragons in Indonesia is purely speculation at this point. In relationship Draco Sanguis, due to it’s more advanced wing structure, is theorized to be an even older species, but is physically smaller. This is thought to be because Madagascar doesn’t support as large of a food supply as other tropical regions.

The dragon shown here is estimated to be about 4 months old. Footprints (shown below) found in the region estimate the adult size of this dragon to be around 5 feet high and 15 feet long including the tail, which is flared and leaf shaped. Weight is estimated at about 800 pounds.

No sightings of adults have been reported yet, but local zoologists are on the lookout. Due to the unknown temperament of adults of this species, local law enforcement has not released the location of the baby dragon sighting, and is urging would-be visitors not to go in search for these dragons, as it could be highly dangerous.

Dragon footprint
Dragon footprint found near sighting of baby dragon above.


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