What Does it Take to Be One of The First Colonists on Mars?

Apparently, an emotionally scarred childhood:

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With launch scheduled nearly a decade away, the first Mars Colonization project is in progress on choosing the prime candidates for the mission.

And what question is on everyone’s mind? “What about sex?”, of course.

Yes, colonists will be discouraged from having sex due to the lack of resources on Mars to sustain a child, but do we really need to screen for candidates who have such a scarred past that they are averse to sex entirely? What other psychological factors could be in play with such an individual that may actually hinder the mission’s progress?

Rest assured there are numerous other criteria being used to screen candidates as well. Probably much more important things like: team work, problem solving skills and ability to withstand harsh living conditions.

From more than 200,000 applicants, the Dutch based Mars One (http://www.mars-one.com/) team has narrowed it down to 660 people.

The next round of elimination involves more filmed interviews and group challenges to see how well people work together. The final selection round will follow the candidates as they cope with living in harsh, Mars-like habitats. At the end of the process, Mars One wants six groups of four astronauts to train for the mission.

Best of luck to those brave souls who are selected, and may we all enjoy a brighter future as a result of your pioneering spirit.

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