Hover Boards – Are They Real!?

Girl on Hoverboard

Hoverboards, a reality or cruel, cruel hoax?

The HUVr Board team, supposedly contributors to an MIT summer project in 2010, claim they have invented just such a thing. With a full parade of celebrities in support of the product, including Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown in the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy), Billy Zane, Moby, and others, they have unveiled what appears to be the very hoverboard that Back to the Future fans have been dying to get their hands on for almost 30 years.

Featured in the video are various celebrities, athletes, and regular Joes trying out the board for the first time, either performing mind blowing stunts, or simply gliding incredulously across an empty parking lot. While not a lot is being said on how the hoverboard actually works, it supposedly has more technology in it than “the satellites we sent in space in 2010.”


As “prophesied” in Back to the Future; in the year 2015 hoverboards are supposed to exist, and they are supposed to be common enough to be children’s toys, much like the current skateboard. Will it be affordable enough for this to be a reality?

If it was real, would they be able to bring it to market by the 2015 deadline?

The truth is Funny or Die announced it as an elaborate joke. But should we really be mad at the hoaxters for their trick? Or is there a more appropriate target for our anger?

How about being angry at modern science for failing us all these years? No cure for cancer, no full course meals in a pill that are more nutritious than real food and especially no hoverboards. Instead of putting shrimp on treadmills or wasting time inventing shoe umbrellas they could have been doing valuable research into things that actually matter.

I personally haven’t given up, though. We still have about 8 more months before we cross the threshold into 2015. The HUVr Board claims may not hold water (and as we know, hoverboards don’t work well on water), but it’s not too late. It’s time for a “Dream Team”. Except this time the Dream Team has nothing to do with dunking basketballs. We need a Science Dream Team made up of the world’s brightest minds, to dedicate the next 8 months to inventing a real hoverboard.

Within a week from the posting of this article I plan to create a petition to the whitehouse and demand that hoverboard research be made a priority. I will post the link to the petition here when it is ready.

Stand up for real scientific progress! Stand up for hoverboards!

– Steven Jameson


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