10 Reasons Santa Claus is Obviously a Ninja

Ninja Santa Claus

1. Santa Claus is so fast he can travel around the world delivering presents to every house, all in one night.

2. Despite wearing a bright red suit, Santa has never REALLY been seen or photographed.

3. He can descend chimneys of any size or shape.

4. He can secretly gain entrance into ANY house and leave without a trace (other than leaving presents and eating cookies, of course).

5. He sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake…

6. Despite many scientific expeditions to the North Pole and the use of global imaging satellites, Santa’s toy factory has never been found.

7. He keeps careful records of which children have been naughty and has detailed plans for administering Justice to them.

8. The use of ordinary items (reindeer and sleigh) to perform miraculous feats (flying).

9. He operates outside the laws of any nation on earth, he is answerable only to himself.

10. He knows 4,798 ways to kill with a single blow.


Photo Credit: Marcus Ranum - www.ranum.com

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