Why Macs Are Inferior


In the wake of the recent fire fight between Apple and Samsung and the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, the debate between Mac and PC users on whose devices are better has never been hotter.

In an effort to enflame the conflict further, here are the definitive reasons why Macs truly are the inferior machine:

1. Macs are for Noobs

It is a simple fact that Macs and most Apple products are designed for inexperienced/un-savvy tech users.

The trade-off for this is that you lose a lot of functionality and ability to control your own machine. In order to “protect” the user from his own bad choices and ineptitude you have to deny him access to the controls.

It is very similar to when you were a kid and your parents let you “drive”. You sat on their lap and got to turn the wheel (with some guidance) but in the end, they were the ones handling the pedals.

Under some extreme measures, not sanctioned by Apple, you can take over the pedals, but why do that when you can just get a machine designed to be driven by the user?

2. Technological Fascism

This is a term I’ve been throwing around for years when referring to Apple products.

It means the hardware and software is dictated by the manufacturer. The user has no choice of his own, only the semblance of a choice. In reality his “choices” are dictated at every stage. If software developers don’t play along with Apple’s game, they get blacklisted or put on the back burner.

According to Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt: “The Apple view is coherently closed. Ours [Google] is the inverse model: the web, openness, all the choices, all the voices. And that experiment is running.”

Apple makes certain models. You either buy those models, with those hardware combinations, or you go somewhere else.

With a PC you are in total control of your hardware and software. In the PC world you are expected to know what you are doing, educate yourself and make intelligent decisions. With that increased expectation of responsibility comes increased freedom of choice. And vice versa, that freedom of choice gives you the opportunity to make bad choices, which ultimately affect the running of your machine.

In the world of Macs you are chained to the limitations and restrictions of “those who know better than you.” In Apple’s opinion you can’t be trusted. For some people, they are probably right. However, this fascist business model denies the user too much. It forwards the philosophy of “protect the user from himself.” Didn’t anyone ever watch the movie I, Robot?

Evil Robots look like Macs

Which type of computer do these robots (who attempted to subjugate all mankind “for their own protection”) most resemble? Hmm?

3. Apple is the Spoiled Little Girl of the Technology Industry

Apple and Google started out as the best of friends. Google’s CEO was even on their board.

However, when Google created the far superior Android system for smart phones, provided it for free, and made it an open source system, Apple’s petulant response was: “we didn’t go into search”.

In retribution you see Apple trying to pawn off its own laughable map program (to “compete” with the famous Google Maps), and even removing the YouTube app (a Google product) from its default list of programs. Not unlike an angry 16 year old girl who didn’t get the right color Mercedes for her birthday.

Another example is the falling out of Apple and Adobe.

While the real reason is unclear, the 6 reasons that Apple claims that it abandoned Adobe’s Flash are detailed in an essay by Steve Jobs posted, not unlike some immature Facebook posts I’ve seen, in April of 2010 on the Apple website.

In this essay Steve Jobs, comically, attacks Adobe for being “100% proprietary.” He goes on to say: “They are only available from Adobe, and Adobe has sole authority as to their future enhancement, pricing, etc. While Adobe’s Flash products are widely available, this does not mean they are open, since they are controlled entirely by Adobe and available only from Adobe. By almost any definition, Flash is a closed system.”

I mean no disrespect to the late Steve Jobs, as he definitely accomplished a lot in his lifetime, however this statement is the height of hypocrisy in light of Apple’s business model.

As a result, Apple’s customers are unable to access 75% of the video available on the web (as it is Flash based) and have to find it in other formats.

What is really childish though, is the fact that Apple announced the fact of abandoning Adobe right at the same time that Adobe was releasing its CS5 suite. This in itself invalidates Apple’s claims that their decision was purely because of “technology issues.” You don’t abandon one of the most popular developement and movie playing platforms, right on the doorstep of one of their big releases because of “technology issues.”

What happened Apple? Did Adobe flirt with the boy you liked?

Yes, that is exactly what happened, except the romantic interest of Apple was the sole control of the apps and games available to Apple customers.

4. Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water

If a piece of hardware breaks on a Mac, you can’t just buy a replacement and install it yourself. You either have to buy a whole new computer, or pay out the wazoo to get it serviced.

If you want to upgrade your Mac, your only real option is buying a whole new computer.

You can’t imagine the additional years I’ve gotten out of PCs by simply upgrading the graphics card.

5. Macs are WAY Overpriced for the Hardware They Come With

Comparison of Price between PC and Mac

If that’s not enough, here are 2 more price comparisons for you:

Same Price, Half the Power

Same Hardware, 3x the Price

 6. Mac Fanboy Myths

– “Macs are better because you can run Windows on them.”

If Macs and the Mac OS was so great and Windows so “terrible”, why would you need to run Windows on them? The reason why Apple had to give in and let people run Windows is because their software was inferior.

You can’t find the software you need for Macs so you need to run Windows. It’s as simple as that.

– “Macs Don’t Have Viruses and are more secure”

Not true. Macs have viruses, and even Anti-Virus software. However, if you are going to invest your waste of a life into ruining the lives of others by creating a virus, you aren’t going to attack the 9-10% of the computers out there (Macs), you would go after as many people as you can (Windows users).

I have never had viruses on any of the PCs I have owned for 3 very good reasons:

1. I don’t download fishy, malware infested files
2. I don’t go to fishy, malware infested websites
3. I maintain decent Anti-Virus software

– “Macs don’t break down. PCs break down. Blue Screen of Death. Etc…”

Please re-read point number 1 above: “Macs are For Noobs”.

People who don’t know how to use their computer, or who are only semi-literate in computer use, make bad decisions in how to set up their computer or what software to install. They get their computer infested with all sorts of viruses, and other malware. As a result their computer breaks down.

There are others who consider themselves “Advanced Users” who have bad judgement in general and try to perform all manner of tricks and workarounds, or who use pirated software, or edit the registry without knowing what they are doing. Then they wonder why 3 months later their hard drive fails and blame it on Microsoft. These users SHOULD get Macs, to protect themselves from their own bad judgement.

– “Macs are simpler”

This is probably true (Per Point Number 1). However, anyone who uses a Mac because they think Windows is too complicated has other problems to worry about.

I know, 2 buttons on your mouse is a lot to deal with, but PC users have been doing it for decades.


In the interest of transparency, I have always been and will always be a devout PC/Android user.

I used Macs in school and in my early computer training as a kid. The only redeemable feature I could find was that little program where you could type a sentence and make the computer say it in different funny voices.

I have since found better PC programs to fulfill this function and have had no further need of Macs.

If you want to be safe, and don’t really know how to use a computer, or you are a musician or artist who wants to use the specialized programs available to Macs, they are probably the right choice for you.

If you prefer freedom of choice and greater overall functionality and accessibility into your computer, then PCs are the way to go (or Unix/Linux systems if you really want to control everything and know what you are doing).

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  1. forcedalias says:

    Yup. I agree with everything in the article except that Youtube video link about Mac owners not being to speak without making hand gestures — I never understood why people have a problem with that.

    Apple products have evolved into fashion accessories, they don’t do much, just look cool doing it so all the inexperienced users like Anonymous below think they’re great.

    To Anonymous: Keep using Macs. Do what makes you happy. You’re special.

  2. Tom Hinds says:

    My 2,000 dollar iMac has made me an idiot. I am an the idiot who bought it. I will spend the rest of my born days spreading the word just how inferior they are in almost every way to a PC. I am a photographer who thought that the advertised great graphics and such would be just the thing I needed for my work. What a huge disappointment. In some key areas of photo-editing there is not quality software that OS X will support. I haven’t found one decent photo viewer for example that will let me look at NEF files and then export them to PhotoShop. That one thing alone is mind boggling. I will be on attack mode against Mac until someone can convince me by showing me that a iMac is worth half of what an equivalent PC is — let alone the twice as much cost they ask for. I have been dupe. Really one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. I noticed anonymous above didn’t even leave his name. If he has ever had both computer and is sane, then he’d not be spouting off like that.

  3. Freakbag says:

    Nope. This is all bulls**t.

  4. Will Smith says:

    I agree mostly with the article above. But saying macs are inferior isn’t completely correct. This is because if you are someone who works maybe on a small business for music, then maybe it is for you. It is also for people who don’t know there way around computers, programs, and how to avoid viruses. I do though completely agree on that a pc gives more control for a way lower price and i would say a better performance.

  5. Anonymous says:

    this whole article is malarkey. Macs are great. PC’s are mediocre. the only redeemable feature i could find is solitaire and minesweeper. maybe hearts too

  6. mavericksantroy says:

    Hahaha, hilariously true.


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