Websites I’m Addicted to

Woman addicted to a website

Lately I have developed sick addictions to certain websites. I check them first thing when I wake up, when my eyes are still stuck together with sleep and I scour them for hours in the middle of the night before I finally tear myself away and make myself go to sleep. So for the sake of dragging more people down with me into the spiral of addiction  and so that you may reap some of the benefits that my sickness brings, here are the top sites I frequent and love.


groupon logo

This list is in no particular order except for this selection. Groupon is my absolute hands down favorite of all time. It is the website that has in fact changed my life and the lives of those close to me.

Since discovering this little beauty I have also discovered the beauty of micro current facials, wine country get-aways for dirt cheap, art classes and a slew of discounted fitness products.  For those of you who don’t know, Groupon is the site to go to for purchasing items, get-aways and various deals at a discounted rate. If you like trying new things, getting cool stuff and saving money all at the same time then do Groupon!



pinterest logo

Have you ever seen someone wearing something and you wished you knew where to get it? Have you ever hoped that someone some day would post a tutorial on how to make a succulent terrarium?

Join the club nerds, and join Pinterest! My favorite part about Pinterest is that unlike other social sites the intention is not really to network or impress others or gain notoriety. I’m sure people use it for that sometimes but the main point is simply to “pin” things to your virtual pin board that you like. I find this action to be inspiring and helpful on my many quests to find new hairstyles and unique apartment decorating tips etc… So, get it and happy pinning J

fab logo

It is quite fitting that after talking about Pinterest I will now be enlightening you about since that is how I found this little gold nugget of a website.

Somebody pinned a picture of plant pots that fit together like snazzy Swiss puzzle pieces that hold plants; and that led me to then more fashion forward planting accessories which led me hand crafted jewelry shaped like skulls and guillotines and, long story short, I was hooked.

This website is one I frequent a lot now since it changes everyday, you never know what new treasures you’re going to find. I mean for cryin’ out loud they had a whole page dedicated to jewelry made of Barbie shoes and I liked it!  So now I must confess that unlike my other sites I’ve reviewed I have not actually bought anything from here yet. But I’ve got plans to, ooh I’ve got big plans, but for now web window shopping will have to do.

But who knows what the Fab future will bring, I can only imagine myself dedicating one week to buying the weirdest thing I can find in the whole marketplace or the cheapest or the most purple. Oh gawd, I can’t wait!

For as long as I can remember a t-shirt and jeans have been my uniform. And now my uniform is a bit more creative and unique thanks to Threadless.

This website is host to a community of artists who design graphics for t-shirts and they get voted into existence by people like me. I Love, love, love this concept and I myself have now ordered a total of 5 shirts from them. Four for gifts and one for me. But I’m sure the next time they have a $10 sale, I’ll get myself a bushel of them!

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