This is The Auditorium. The greatest most fantastic, stupendous and amazing blog in the Universe. And that’s a scientific fact!

Started in 2010 by me, David Pulcifer.

This blog is really just a place for me and the other writers on the team to write about anything we find entertaining at the moment. Usually funny (at least I hope so). Sometimes serious. A place to share our thoughts, or interesting things with others.

As is probably obvious, I hate grammar and other literary conventions and choose to rebel against them. Your welcome.

There is one special thanks I have to give to Irene for giving me the idea to start this blog. She said I was funny and thought I should write a blog. I said I was thinking of doing stand-up. She said I wasn’t THAT funny.

And so… Here’s the team:

David Pulcifer – Founder/Senior Editor

Steven Jameson – Writer

Phoenix Harlow – Writer

I have other blogs as well, on specific topics. Feel free to check them out:

P.S. Please don’t judge these blogs based on this one. They’re different. I swear.

Short Story and fiction writing – writing.the-auditorium.com

Science News – science.the-auditorium.com

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